Get a Radio Job on LinkedIn

Get a radio job on LinkedIn

Get a radio job on LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn yet? Do you have a perception of the type of person that use the business social networking site? If you think it’s just for corporate types who wear suits you’d be wrong. Read on and I’ll tell you how to make radio industry contacts and connections and help to increase the chances of getting your next big gig.

LinkedIn is the most popular business focused social networking site on the internet and it has helped thousands of people with networking and finding jobs. While the site is fairly easy to use, it is important if you’re in radio and voice over acting to use the site properly. There is more to this great social network than simply filling out a few details about yourself and your experience if you want to get noticed.

Optimise Your Profile

One of the first things you should do after registering on LinkedIn is provide a detailed list of any radio or voice over work you’ve done in the past. If possible, provide links to the audio or video results of that work. I’ll talk about how to put media on your LinkedIn profile in the next step. Make sure to list all of your professional experience as the more you put in your profile the more likely you are to appear in relevant search results for the radio industry – LinkedIn loves full and detailed profiles and ranks them higher in search. If you don’t have any professional experience, get a demo made up for your profile so potential employers will be able to hear exactly what you sound like.

Add Audio and Extras Using Applications

You can add applications to your LinkedIn profile and it’s a good idea to do that if you work in radio. Click the ‘more’ menu then ‘get more applications’ to enhance your profile. Two applications I would recommend are Blog Link and Google Presentations. If you write a regular blog for your radio show make sure it is showing on your LinkedIn profile by using Blog Link. The Google Presentations plugin allows you to upload a .PPT (PowerPoint) presentation to share on your profile. You can embed audio and video into .PPT presentations so this is a great way to get media on your LinkedIn profile.

Join Groups

Once you have your profile up and running join groups that represent your interests in the radio and voice over world. Not only is this a great way to network and mastermind radio ideas with like minded people an added benefit is that you can connect to anyone else in the group and they can connect to you too. Contribute to groups on a regular basis by posting questions and answers and you’ll get noticed by the movers and shakers in radio. Here are two radio groups I maintain on LinkedIn – Radio Production and Adobe Audition User – it’d be great to see you join and contribute to them.

Buy Premium

I recommend that you upgrade your account for the first few months if you’re just getting started on the site as it will open you up to a whole new world of opportunities and radio contacts. One of the best features is that you can let anyone message you with the OpenLink feature. As LinkedIn can often be a closed network meaning you can only make new contacts based on who you know this can be an excellent way of putting yourself out there. You also get the ability to see everyone that’s viewed your profile so if a radio station controller or manager has recently visited your profile you have an open door to contact them. It also gives you a breakdown of the keywords users are typing in to find your profile so you can make sure you’re appearing in relevant search results like “radio presenter” and “radio producer” and if not adjust your details accordingly.

LinkedIn for Radio Conclusion

Once you’ve got all your information filled in and links to your work put up, you should start looking for other people in the radio industry. Whether they be people you have done work for, or other voice over artists, networking with everyone in this field will help you find more jobs. Unlike many other fields, sometimes your competition will be able to help you because their specific voice may not be good for a particular job or they know someone who’s looking to fill a radio show slot so they can recommend you. Working together is what LinkedIn is all about and in the voice over and radio field it can definitely work to your advantage.

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photo by: mariosundar