Jingle for DJ

Jingle for DJFor most DJs, jingles serve an important purpose. If it’s a jingle for a mix DJ that wants to keep their beats hot and watermark their mixes, mobile DJs that want to create a brand and increase interest in their services or pro DJs with a podcast that need some cool DJ drops to slip in between tracks.

Jingle for the Pro DJ

DJs strive to shop for the best jingles and drops, we understand that at Music Radio Creative, that’s why we focus on quality and customer service. Many DJs are able to create their own jingles from the cuts we provide. When you order a DJ jingle from us we’ll always provide the dry voice only mix outs so you can loop them and stutter them yourself. Creativity is what it’s all about!. Jingles for DJs serve the purposes of branding and maintaining an identity.

As a DJ you need your own unique image. We can help you come up with that here at Music Radio Creative with our free script writing service. Just contact us with as many details about the type of DJ you are and we’ll help.

In most discos, parties and clubs, DJs take time to play their jingles. Normally, this is done in between songs. While the jingles showcase an image and identity they also drive the crowd to a state of elation. DJ intros are especially good at building up tension and expectation. You can download four produced DJ intros from Music Radio Creative here.

photo by: auroramixer