NRJ – French Radio with Great Jingles

French radio

French radio

The French radio brand NRJ (pronounced Énergie) has been in operation since 1981 and a drive through France recently reminded me how great the jingles are.

NRJ can now be found in over 21 countries around the world from Russia to Tahiti and they are a key media player in Europe especially in France where the station operates as a national brand. Local radio station focus on relevant community content in order to compete with a radio group that plays trendy current pop songs and great jingles.

There were two points in particular that surprised and caught my attention and impressed me during my recent listen to NRJ. The first was the very high rotation of popular music as during a three hour listen one day I heard Owl City with Fireflies 3 times in 3 hours! The second was the top of the hour jingle which is virtually exactly the same as it was over 10 years ago:

“Radio Number One… N… R… Jeeeeeee!”

I like the fact that the jingle is in English, albeit with a slightly rearranged grammar, yet the singers have a very “French” sound.

NRJ London

I believe NRJ once put an application into the old Radio Authority for a license to set up their operations in London but it didn’t succeed. I suppose it would have sounded a little funny as presenters in England would pronounce NRJ as “Enarjay”. Shame, with so many other quasi-national radio stations broadcast from London, England one more wouldn’t have hurt!

photo by: notfrancois