Equipment For YouTube Videos

Equipment for YouTube videos

Equipment for YouTube videos

I’ve been asked, many times recently, what I use to record the YouTube videos and tutorials you see on the Music Radio Creative YouTube channel.

I thought what better way to let you know than in a quick video and blog post? So here’s what I use – it works well for me and the prices are reasonable. The most expensive thing is the camera and that is crucial to get your videos looking great! Let me know what you use in the comments.

I have a Canon EOS 60D camera which shoots full 1080p HD video.

That’s mounted on top of a Manfrotto tripod (it’s the 701HDV) and is great for pans.

I have two box lights from Photosel that make a dramatic difference to my video lighting.

There are many green screen solutions on Amazon if you’d like to have your own custom image in the background. It’s easier to do this than you think!

Finally, the best geeky gadget for making YouTube videos is a WeMo plug from Belkin to control my video studio lighting.

I hope this helps. Have I missed anything? What do you use on YouTube? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. says

    Hello Mike. I use the Canon T4i DSLR Camera for some video recording and I am using an external Rode Mic Pro for the audio recording going into the camera. What are you using and do you know if there is a way to use the Mic on your DBX or a Mackie Mixer with this camera? And if so, how it can be accomplished if even possible?

    And last but not least do you have links to the lights you use and the WeMo Plug from Belkin?

    Thanks Mike and I look forward to hearing back from you. Keep up the great work.

    • says

      Thanks for the kind comment Fred.

      I currently record my pro audio into Adobe Audition and then sync it up with the audio from the camera internal mic after the recording has taken place. I find a hand clap at the start can create a nice waveform spike to help you sync audio.

      I love WeMo. Give it a try – great for home automation as well as studio use!

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