Coca-Cola Jingle

Coca-Cola Jingle

Coca-Cola Jingle

As you read the title of this post it’ll be very hard not to hear the familiar sound of a Coca-Cola Jingle in your head!

Marketing has always been one of the Coca-Cola company’s top priorities. They’ve created some of the most popular and famous advertising jingles of all time over the decades. Here are some of the Coca-Cola advertising campaigns that have generated so much revenue and loyalty for the company.

Original Coca-Cola Commercial

One of the best, and most familiar, Coca-Cola commercials is their “I’d like to teach the world to sing… I’d like to buy the world a Coke” sung jingle. The people from all over the world coming together to sing one harmonious jingle created the feel good factor that Coca-Cola is all about. Watch the video and feel the happiness!

Coca-Cola Song

Do do do do do, always Coca-Cola is the anthem that plays again and again on our TV screens and radios especially during the holiday season. You may have heard the rumours that Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus what we know is they have certainly attached their brand to the happiness that the holidays bring and their Coca-Cola song came back to TV screens around the world in 2007 after a six year break when consumers remarked that the advert is a reminder that Christmas is coming.

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    If you're like me, you can feel it coming… decorations up, usually in the first department store. Then the music starts the piped in and you find yourself singing the familiar songs that continue to reinforce the idea that it was coming. And then it happened – they started playing Coca-Cola Christmas ads on TV and it was confirmed – the holiday season is here!

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