4 Reasons to Outsource Your Audio Production

Audio Production

Audio Production

Well produced audio can be a great method of promoting a marketing campaign, adding an identity to your radio station or podcast. However, they need capture the listener’s attention within a very limited time window, so it’s important to get audio sounding right. You could create outstanding audio yourself by learning advanced audio production techniques but have you considered outsourcing audio production?

Here are four reasons to outsource your radio jingles:

1. You Gain Audio Expertise

When you outsource, you gain the expertise of the audio production company as well as the final product such as the produced radio jingles or audio commercials. It’s important to understand the different styles of audio production, and their suitability for different target markets depending on who your target listener or customer is.

2. Help Understanding Your Target Audience

Who is my ideal listener? What kind of music will appeal to your target audience? These are all very important questions – the type of music that would appeal to a younger generation is very different to that which would appeal to an older generation. Understanding the target market is necessary and once you outsource you’ll gain input and help with tricky processes, such as script writing, from audio production experts.

3. You’ll Get The Sound You Want

You might have a good idea of what you want from a jingle but don’t have the production skills necessary to create it. Is there a cool audio production effect you’ve heard somewhere else? When you outsource, you’ll be able to communicate your exact requirements to audio producers and have confidence they’ll have the necessary skills and professional equipment to deliver.

4. It’ll Save You Time and Money

How much is your own time worth? When you outsource, you can guarantee that the finished product will sound great and impress others without the need to spend hours producing it yourself. The production of a radio jingle is a demanding and time consuming process, especially when you don’t have the expertise needed to produce outstanding jingles. Your time could be better spent doing what you enjoy doing which means that, unless you love learning audio production, it’s often more cost-effective to outsource.

Using Audio to Make Your Podcast Outstanding

Podcast Branding

Podcast Branding

Podcasts are primarily designed to inform and advise their listeners, but we must keep in mind that nobody wants to listen to a robot. Similarly, audiences don’t want to hear the same sounds and voices time and time again – meaning that to keep those listeners coming, a unique sound is always the right choice.

That’s why popular free music libraries like those available inside GarageBand or the YouTube Audio Library, while high in quality, will not help your podcast to stand out from the crowd.

Why Should My Podcast Be Different?

It’s important to remember that podcasts are another branch of social media for any business or individual; just like Twitter or Facebook, a podcast can be used to attract new consumers and establish a close connection with current customers as well. Therefore, when considering how to inject a little vitality into your podcast, you must also consider what effect you want your podcast to have upon your client base, and how you want to present your brand to those clients. Here are some helpful hints and tips to consider when making your podcast personal.

Selecting a Podcast Jingle or Intro

First impressions are always important to an audience, and more often than not they’ll establish their thoughts on your podcast based on its introduction. It’s important to research what users would expect from your industry’s podcasts in general, but also remember that you’re trying to establish something original. You can use a custom jingle or intro to give your podcast personality, to make it stand out from others in the same niche.

Your Voice Choice Is Your Brand Voice

General voiceovers for a podcast needs to be informative yet entertaining at the same time – an ability to engage with your client base across the air waves is essential when it comes to selecting a voiceover. Imagine you are a new listener to your podcast and ask yourself some questions. What do I expect when I listen to this show? What sort of voice is the best fit for the material? Consider the answers to these questions as you develop the brand voice for your podcast, making sure that the voiceover artist you choose fits the bill.

Substance over Style for Your Podcast

It’s all very well giving your podcast a little bit of shine, but you can never ignore a podcast with strong content. No amount of polish and elegance can mask a poorly planned episode with little value to it. If you can offer a unique and interesting take on your industry – perhaps because of your speciality, or your experiences as an individual – then do so! Work hard on the content of your podcast and ensure that it’s offering your audience exactly what it asks for – that alone will give your podcast an injection of personality it needs to stand out!

Check out some examples of podcast intros we’ve created at Music Radio Creative.

Can DJ Drops Make a Difference?

How to Use DJ Drops

How to Use DJ Drops

Whether you’re DJing in a club or putting together a mixtape you want to remind listeners who you are. This can help people remember you, seek out your gigs, and buy your music. One of the most reliable ways of keeping your identity as part of your work is through mixed-in DJ drops.

What Should a DJ Drop Say?

At its simplest, a DJ drop can just be your name. Having a voice over talent record your name can give some variety to your sound, and make the drop stand out from the rest of your mix. This is part of why so many big name DJs choose to have a distinctive voice, be it male or female, behind their drops.

A bigger DJ jingle or intro can incorporate a larger script if you have plenty to say perhaps as a DJ intro at the beginning of your set. If you have a website, mention it, especially if it’s easy to remember. This can save a new fan from having to search for you when they get a chance. For a mixtape, it’s also popular to have a drop with the mixtape’s name that can be used throughout as a sort of watermark to what you’ve created.

How to Make a DJ Drop

The best drops come in a few different forms. When you think about a great mixtape, for instance, there will be times where the DJ drop is whispered seductively, and other times where it’s shouted excitedly. Having a few vocal styles for your drops and jingles gives you the maximum opportunity for mixing them into your tracks. It also keeps the drops from being too repetitive, which can cause listeners to mentally tune them out.

This is also why having a professional voice over talent record your drops can be so important. An experienced vocal talent will know how to express the same words – such as your name, website, or a mixtape title – in different ways, with different emotions. This is something that even some of the most talented MCs struggle with, as it just isn’t what they do every day. Having a recognisable DJ drop is also a great way to build yourself up as a brand, as it can be used in all different formats, whatever songs you’re mixing.

Need a DJ Drop Created?

If you’re working on a new mix, or planning a few club sets, now is the right time to get a jingle or DJ drop underway. With an easy online ordering service, you can have the DJ drop you want quickly and at a great price.